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2018 Pins & Needles Studio Calendar

 The 2018 calendar  is complete through the beginning of June.    Check out the dates and times of coming classes.  Please let us know if you have questions!  We will be adding more as we can!

  • We have had many requests for a way for students to continue to learn new sewing skills and techniques after they have completed the   Adult 101:  Learning to Sew Class.  We have considered many options and then decided to try a 4-week class on sewing a garment that will provide you with some new skills and techniques.  You will be bringing your pattern and prepared fabric to the first class.  We have guides and options for the selection of this pattern which are posted below.  These 4-week sessions will be taught in the month of April following Spring Break.   The cost will be $150.00.   If you are interested email soon.


    This is a class for adults who have taken Adult 101: Learning to Sew.  If you have not taken this class you can email Nan to get permission.  Remember, this is not a class to re-teach the basics, but is a class to teach a progression of new skills.

    • Each participant of this class will need to select a pattern and fabric before the beginning of class…..see pattern selection guide below.
    • Each participant of this class will need to cut out the tissue pattern pieces for the view you are making and pin these tissue piece properly to your fabric according to the loyout…..see fabric selection guide below.
    • each participant of this class should bring your fabric with your tissue pattern properly pinned to your fabric to class.  DO NOT CUT!!!  This will give us a chance to double check your size before you actually cut your fabric.

    Pattern choices…….Remember to choose a pattern based on your actual body measurements to determine your pattern size.  (Do not use the size you use when purchasing ready-made clothing.)  You want your project to challenge you with one to two skills or techniques that are new to you.  If you choose too many skills at one time you may not be able to complete your garment in the four week time period.  We suggest a skirt with more details than your first, a simple dress, or a simple top.  We would not construct pants at this point.

    • Examples of skills and techniques are:  bias neckline, matching plaids, zippers, pleats, tucks, gathers, sleeves, cuffs, collars, buttonholes, etc.

    Fabric choices…….You want to choose a firmly woven fabric.  DO NOT choose a knit for this class.  Remember if you fabric contains 50% or more of cotton you should prewash before using.

    • Examples are:  cotton, cotton blends,polyester, polyester blends, rayon, rayon blends, etc.

    If you have questions about a particular pattern or fabric send us an email.  All Participants must come prepared on the first day of class.


  • Adult 101 – Learning to Sew Classes

These are some of our most popular classes where adults can learn “from scratch” or refresh basic skills. Adults learn how to choose the correct pattern size, purchase fabric suitable for pattern, learn to fit pattern, layout and cut, and complete a garment. Adults also learn how to use both the sewing machine and serger.

There are 4 Adult 101 classes beginning every month.   Check the calendar for dates.   Each new class starting date will be designated as “Adult 101 – Learning to Sew – Class #1” The cost for each series of 6 classes is $165.

  • After 101 Classes for Adults

These classes are for all adults who have taken a 101 class at Pins and Needles or adults who already know how to sew. There are a minimum of two After 101 classes offered during each week. These classes are usually on Friday mornings and on Wednesday evenings.  We have put several more in December in case you have some Christmas projects that you might want to finish!  Always check the calendar then email Nan to hold a spot for you in the class or classes of your choice. You may bring anything in to work on and get help with during these open studio times. The cost for each open studio is $25. Come join the fun as we all learn together.  These classes run from 10 – 12 noon in the mornings and from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evenings.  We also incorporate Adult After 101 into the Adult 101 classes whenever we can after the first two classes.  Email Nan with questions or requests and we will always try to work you in with your individual schedules.

  • After-School Classes

After-school classes will begin again in January.  They will be offered  on Mondays afternoons.   If you are interested in these, email Nan at for a registration.  You must send the registration and a deposit to the studio to hold a spot for you.

  • Intro to Flat Pattern Design for Adults

We will be offering Flat Pattern Design again in January through March.  There will be both morning and evenings classes available.  The complete description is on the “Classes” page for you to check on necessary materials for this class.  Please email Nan to hold a spot in one of these classes for you.

There are registration forms on the classes page.  To sign up for a class, you can email Nan to receive a registration and to secure a spot in a particular class, then print the registration form and mail it in with your deposit for that class.  Don’t forget to reserve your spot in any class with a registration and deposit.

As always, email Nan about any of the courses or about scheduling.


As always…..Happy Sewing!!!!


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  1. Kim,

    There are two flat pattern courses coming in early August. One in the morning and one in the evening. Please check the calendar for times and dates. The registration and supply lists are on the webpages for each class.


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