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Teen and Preteen After-School Classes

Registration for All Teen Classes

Ages 9 and up

6 classes

After School until 5:30

1 Day/Week

$185 + Supplies

After-School Classes for Teens and Preteens will continue in the New Year after school has started again.  The classes will be offered on Monday and Thursday afternoons if there is enough interest.  Classes need to have a minimum of three students to be held.  We are planning to begin the second week of January.   If you are interested in these for the New Year please email Nan and be sure to include which day of the week is best for you.  These classes meet one day a week for six weeks at a cost of $185.00.  Classes begin as soon as your school day ends and you can get to the studio until 5:30.  Sorry, but we cannot give you a beginning time since school dismissal times are so irregular around the county.  Your individual teacher will set the class beginning time with attending students at the first meeting.

Come and have fun with your friends as you learn how to sew garments and accessories.  Storage for your materials is always available at Pins & Needles.  Finish different garments, totes, etc.  Class items will differ depending on the abilities of the students in each class.

The beginning student will become acquainted with the sewing machine, serger, measurements, etc. and complete a skirt pattern and additional class projects.  The experienced student will continue to work on developing their sewing skills through individualized instruction using patterns of their choice.

Sign up for the After -School Classes by emailing Nan at:


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