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Adult Intro to Sewing Class

NOTE:  Currently this class is not on the schedule because of the high demand for the Adult 101 – Learning to Sew classes.  The Adult 101 – Learning to Sew classes teach everything in the Adult Intro to Sewing Class but much, much more.  Please see the description under Adult 101 – Learning to Sew.



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  1. I would like to take this and the sewing 101 class.

    • Blaine, There are two Adult Intro to Sewing Classes coming July 27 and one later in August. The Adult 101 classes follow the July 27th classes. Check the calendar. The registration and the supply lists are on the webpage for each class. Thanks.

  2. Hi! I am very interested in learning how to sew. I would need to start with the intro class. Are there any adult intro classes coming up soon? I tried to find it on the calendar, but didn’t see it. I am a teacher, so I would only be able to attend the later classes. Thanks.

    • Hi Gwen,

      I was checking wordpress and I saw your note. Sorry if I have not answered you before this. There are some evening classes that are coming up. One will begin on Wednesday, March 26 from 6:15 to 8:15. This will meet once a week for six weeks. There will also be another class beginning in mid-April on Thursday nights, once a week for six weeks. Let me know if you have questions about any of these. I am just reposting the calendar today so hopefully you can get it. It is on the calendar page and just click on the link (in red).

      Thank you for your note,


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