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2018 Summer Preteen/Teen Classes

These classes will be scheduled in February for the summer of 2017.  If you are interested please email Nan: for more information. 

Registration for All Teen Classes

Ages 9 and up

4 Classes

2 1/2 Hours –  2:30 pm -5:00 pm – Monday through Thursday

$185.00 – (15.00 of this cost is for a materials fee for these classes)

In the beginning class you will gain the confidence to begin sewing on your own!  You will make one or two class projects in addition to a skirt.  You will learn the very basics of using the sewing machine and serger, from threading the machine to winding the bobbin and using the different stitch functions and adjustments on your machine.  Come and have fun learning the art of sewing!  The link for the registration form is given above.

In the experienced class you will gain more confidence to continue sewing on your own.  The use of more fun and different patterns will be used to learn more skills and techniques.  Class projects are included.  A great extension of the beginning classes you have already had at Pins & Needles.  The link for the registration form is given above.

Please be sure to designate the beginning date (first day of the week) of the class you are taking and the level (beginning or experienced) for that week.

All materials for these classes is included in the price.

Machines are always  available at Pins & Needles for you to use in classes.  If you would like to use your own machine to become more familiar with it you are welcome to bring it to class.  Please be sure your machine is in good mechanical condition and that you have the necessary parts, machine instruction manual, needles, bobbins, zipper feet, etc., to use during your class if you bring your own machine.

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